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School Of Hospitality & Tourism

Team Leader - Anne Mwai

In our department, the teaching is conducted mostly on theories, practical’s, and academic trips. Mostly we focus on hospitality skills being a technical course and also to our graduates.

Our department is much connected to the market, we have a number of hotels and restaurants where we have been taking our students for attachments, e.g. we are more connected to Emory hotel which is owned by our CEO Madam Lizzie Wanyoike. Others include SILVER SPRING HOTEL, SIX EIGHTY HOTEL, WEITZER HOTEL in Kiambu, etc.

Our students relate well with the market because of the skills they have already acquired during training, the majority who have already graduated are working in big companies and even others outside the country.
Hospitality include, tourism travel and business which is examined by the institute of commercial management, Hospitality management, and catering and accommodation examined by KNEC, For the diploma course in ICM the duration is two years and the minimum requirements is Dominus, KNEC program we have certificate in catering and accommodation and the duration is two years with a minimum requirement of D plain, Diploma the minimum requirement is C minus and above and a duration of 3 years.

Examining Bodies




Hospitality and tourism is one of the best courses and also being a technical there so many career opportunities e.g. one can be employed as a housekeeper, tour guide, porter, front office manager, restaurant manager etc. Students are also equipped with skills and knowledge to start their own job (self-employment)

The broad objectives of the department include:

  • To equip the learners with relevant knowledge, skills, and experience required in the industry
  • To develop learners with the innovative and creative knowledge and skills to handle the emerging issues in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • To build charter and the right attitude toward our students
  • To focus on customer satisfaction
  • To produce qualified chefs and waiters to fit in the market.

Admission Requirements

Copy of KCSE results slip
National ID or Birth Certificate
2 passport sized photos
Birth Certificate for students enrolling for KNEC courses


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

Our training is learner centred and highly integrated to ensure that the trainee is equipped with skills and
competencies. This ensures that the trainees have a competitive advantage that will allow them tackle the competitive nature of the industry.