Our School of Engineering offers a wide range of courses designed to offer multiple skills to enhance our trainees’ adaptability in the job market. We put emphasis on intensive practical training where the trainee spends more time on practical lessons. Our fundamental training motivation is to, Satisfy the present and future needs for skilled workers ; Develop training standards which meet the national training regulations and common working conditions for trainees in various sections ; Promote a systematic training and certification program in line with existing industrial Apprenticeship systems ; Create more opportunities for our trainees.

The school of engineering takes pride in having the best training facilities which you can get.

Our program also ensures our students have more practical time to ensure we produce competent trainees. We take pride in having the best trainers with years of experience where learners can get a lot of skills.


Career Opportunities

Our mode of training gives our students the ability to fit in any sector in the engineering field. 

Electrical engineering students can work as; 

    1. Employed as technicians in various industries i.e. Kengen, KPLC, etc. 
    2. Electrical fitters.
    3. Electronics repairs. 
    4. Self-employment.
    5. Electrical repairs. 
    6. Automotive technicians. 
    7. Automotive repair.
    8.  Car sales
    9.  Spare parts sales
    10.  Spray painting shops
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